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OverviewWinshare Thermal Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Winshare Thermal) was founded in 2009. We specialize in the research and development, production and technical services of high power cooling solutions. We are devoted to becoming the leader in the thermal management of new energy field. To provide our customers with better services and high-quality and reliable thermal management solutions and products, we keep expanding our R&D team and investing in the construction of our Thermal and Reliability Laboratory. At the same time, we work with South China University of Technology to build Winshare Thermal Workstation for Graduate Students so as to cultivate and reserve R&D talents, develop new thermal technologies, and establish the technical foundation.
Winshare Thermal owns the lot-size in-house manufacturing capability and new technique development capability for the key components of thermal management. We provide thermal management support to realize better products for a variety of partners. Winshare Thermal has acquired the certification of ISO9001:2008; ISO14001:2004; TS16949 quality management systems. For the last seven years since our establishment, we have been successfully providing superior thermal management solutions and products in the territories of ICT, PV inverters, wind power converters, reactive power compensation devices, power batteries, power electric motors, electric motor controllers, and energy storage systems. We have also acquired the endorsement and support from our partners such as Flextronics, Fujitsu, Sungrow Power Supply Co., Ltd., Hi-Tech Control System Co., Ltd., Nari Technology Co., Ltd., BYD Company Limited, Zhongshan Broad-Ocean Motor Co., Ltd., and Jiangsu Gtake Electric Co, Ltd.
With the attestation from various collaborative partners, it is definitely a proud decision of having Winshare Thermal demonstrate its capability. Give yourself an opportunity and also Winshare Thermal an opportunity so that we grow together and keep being proud together.


Team construction

Winshare Thermal always pays special attention to team construction

Winshare Thermal always pays special attention to team construction

Winshare Thermal always pays attention to team construction. After an adjustment period for years, we successfully built a team which is highly cooperative with a clear-cut assignment of responsibility. We form a highly efficient team from administrative management, sales exploration, financial department, research and development, and production. Each of our key members has abundant implementation experiences in his/her own territory and is highly professional and they are all the elites in the cooling industry. An outstanding team is the guarantee ofthe development of a company. Winshare Thermal can therefore acquirethe trust and endorsement from well-known companies which have cooling needs and these companies include Delta Electronics, Sungrow Power Supply, Shanghai Step Electric, BYD Company Limited, Hiconics Drive Technology, Nanjing Nanrui Jibao Electric Limited, etc. Our team keeps growing and is filling more power into the development of Winshare Thermal with an expectation to contribute to the development of high power cooling.

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President & CEO: Zhou Zi-Yong

President & CEO: Zhou Ji-Yong

Born in 1977, male, Sichuan province, National Tsing Hua University MBA class for presidents in 2013
Zhou began his career in 1996 and worked for Sichuan Chemical Company Limited (state-owned enterprise),private corporations,and foreign-capital enterprises in China’s coastal provinces for nearly two decades. He has more than 15 years of experiences in the thermal industry and received systematic training and courses for the professional knowledge in Taiwan-capital enterprises and Hong Kong-capital enterprises. He also accumulated his production management experiences fromseveral levels of roles as a first-line employee to a vice president. During his long-term working process, he knew a large number of clients from the global top 500 companies and remarkable clients in the thermal industry. His experiences in frequent business travels andabnormal quality handling allow him to build comprehensive customer resources and professional connections. This builds a solid foundation for Winshare Thermal’s development, transformation, and upgrade.

Director of marketing center: Wang, Hai-Yan

Director of marketing center: Wang, Hai-Yan

Born in 1982, male, Anhui province, graduate of economic and trade department
Wang worked for Vette, a US-capital enterprise which specializes in the manufacturing and production of professional heat sinks during the period of 2001~2014. He was dedicated to the sales exploration tasks for cooling products. His experiences in the roles of a quality control staff, a salesperson, a sales manager, and the leader of product marketing in China gained him in-depth understanding of the thermal industry and got him familiar with the domestic and overseas markets. He has the experiences of collaborating and negotiating with clients in the global top 500 companies. He is equipped with higher level of learning capability and sales capability with abundant sales experiences and the capability of exploiting markets in the thermal industry. He joined Winshare Thermal in July 2014 and is responsible for the marketing center from a comprehensive aspect. He has performed deeds of valor for Winshare Thermal in the new energy cooling industry.

Director of the R&D center: Mou, Xing-Wen

Director of the R&D center: Mou, Xing-Wen

Born in 1981, Gansu province, graduate from University of Science and Technology Beijing
Mou graduated from the Department of Thermal Engineering and Power Engineering, University of Science and Technology Beijing. He has solid theoretical foundation in the thermal field. He worked for AVC (Taiwan-capital enterprise), which is the worldwide largest thermal company during the period of 2004~2008 as the leader of the R&D center for PC cooling products. He supplied cooling solutions to worldwide well-known companies such as IBM, Dell, HP, Lenovo, etc. He worked in the telecommunication business department for AAVID, a globally well-known company in the thermal industry during the period of 2008~2012. He was responsible for cooling solutions and technical supports and built a Dongguan R&D center to provide large domestic and overseas companies such as Huawei, Ericsson, and Samsung with services and technical supports. He joined Winshare Thermal in 2014 and has been responsible for research and development efforts. He has been working actively in coordinating the construction of Winshare Thermal’s city-level thermal laboratory.

Director of financial center: Li, Guan-Yu

Director of financial center: Li, Guan-Yu

Born in in 1949, Hebei province, graduate from financial department, member of Chinese communist party, senior accountant
Li has been working within the financial management field for more than four decades. She has abundant knowledge and practical experiences in enterprise financial management. She held job roles as financial directors in several state-owned enterprises, foreign-capital enterprises, and private corporations and has great command of finance, taxation, and customs. She was accredited as “100 management talents” in 2004,attended a meeting in the Great Hall of the People and was awarded a certificate of merit and a silver certificate. She was awarded a certificate of honor for “undertaking financial tasks for more than three decades and made excellent achievements” by the Ministry of Finance, China. She was also awarded a certificate of expert by the National Committee of Experts in January 2005. She was certified for the “CCMC Chinese Career Manager Certification” by the United Nations Organization for Education, Science and Culture in January 2005.

The course of Winshare Thermal brand development

“Winshare Thermal ” has been dedicated in building a brand enterprise for many years

Targeting the goal of ““Providing the most thoughtful services with the most reliable product quality to allow customers rest assured when using our products”,” Winshare Thermal has been implementing scientific designs, rigorous production processes, and superb techniques with the resolution to create the most high quality cooling products. Walk into Winshare Thermal and let us create a brighter tomorrow with you.



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We appreciate the long-term trustand support of ourstrategic partners for Winshare Thermal

Dear customers, we welcome you to visit Winshare Thermal—— a high power heat sinks manufacturer! We’ve accumulated technical experiences for more than 10 years in the cooling field and are devoted to become the thermal management leader in the new energy field! We are eager to provide you with our services. Should you have any questions regarding the production and R&D of heat sinks or anything related to the cooling technology field, please contact us via several available channels. We are more than happy to answer your question. Meanwhile, we sincerely welcome you to visit our company for further information and interviews anytime!

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