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Company vision: Winshare Thermal is devoted to become the thermal management leader in the new energy field!
Company mission:Winshare Thermal always insists on innovations of technologies and techniques so as to manufacture the most superior cooling products around the world. We supply outstanding cooling technologies and services so as to provide our customers with reliable guarantee on the stability of cooling devices.


Management philosophy: With the foundation on our talents and technologies, we always provide products and services of the highest quality.
We insist scientific production management, keep improving our production environment, and push for automated production.
Ethical management and praise the contract spirit highly

Core values
Customer first: Winshare Thermal insists on customer orientation and we make our customers succeed by providing them with effective and reliable solutions.
Leading technology: Winshare Thermal insists on having technical innovations as our core value. We keep enhancing our thermal management technology and enhancing core competence.
Human-oriented: Winshare Thermal respects our employees. We provide our employees with opportunities for promotion and give them rewards which match their contributions. We share our values with employees and we grow together.


Production workshop and a corner of the office


Outstanding techniques and outstanding technicians

Winshare Thermal has accumulated almost ten years of experiences and is very proficient in heat sink manufacturing techniques. We have abundant experiences on more than ten techniques such as aluminum extrusion, skived fin, friction welding, air cooling, water cooling, etc. Our production team is formed by a large number of professional engineers and technicians.


Outstanding production equipment

Winshare Thermal has acquired several heat sink machining and production machines from Shenyang Machine Tool Co., Ltd. such as SUC6070, etc. We have strong production and machining capabilities and can always ensure the quality and quantity upon the completion of cooling product orders.

Outstanding systematic production management

Outstanding systematic production management

We have completely realized systematic managements on our day-to-day productions. We have built a clean-room type production laboratory. Meanwhile, Winshare Thermal has been certified for quality control systems such as ISO9001:2008, ISO14001:2004, TS16949.

Outstanding service team

Outstanding service team

Winshare Thermal has built an all-around service system which includes pre-sales advices, production order tracking, and after-sales tracking. We built dedicated customer service contacts who can directly respond to a specific customer so as to ensure any issue can be resolved effectively and timely.

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