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Stitched fin technique is a conventional high power heat sink manufacturing technique. Conventionally, this process is carried out by press-fit riveted fins. However, this usually leads to potential thermal risks such as matching clearance, loose fins, etc. To resolve this problem, Winshare Thermal launched several bonding techniques via our own technical innovations and these include highly conductive thermal epoxy bonding, welding, and soldering so as to greatly enhance the reliability and stability of cooling and avoid any potential risk.
The features of stitched fin heat sinks include more fins per inch, smaller fin gap, and flexible profile height and width so that they are suitable for different sizes of application space. This type of heat sinks occupies a smaller volume and they are lightweight and therefore this technique is an ideal selection for cooling high power devices.
Prepare aluminum/copper baseplate and cooling fins according to the design drawings and create slots on the baseplate
Bond the cooling fins to the baseplate by epoxy so as to join them into an assembly
Carry out machining and surface treatment on the baseplate and cooling fins so as to form the stitched fin heat sink

Relevant parameters:

  • Type of techniques Maximum product Fin thickness and gap Solderworking temperature Pros and cons
  • Welding600*500*300mmFin thickness0.5-2.5mm Gap>1.5mmLow temperature solder Thermal conductivity:60w/m-k -50℃~180℃ Pros:Better heat transfer performance:high strength,high aspect ratio¡Asuitable for forced convection and natural convection ;Cons :Higher welding cost
  • Soldering500*300*180mm Fin thickness0.2-1.5mm Gap>1.2mm solder paste¡]low, medium, high temperature Thermal conductivity35-70w/m-k Low temperature -40℃~90℃ Medium temperature-40℃~130℃ High temperature -40℃~170℃ Pros:High aspect ratio, high cooling area, suitable for forced convection and natural convection,Acan work together with heat pipes to enhance thermal performance;Cons:Nickel-plating is required prior to soldering and this is not suitable for large heat sinks
  • Bonding 800*500*300mm Fin thickness0.5-2.5mm Gap>1.5mm Epoxy Thermal conductivity G3-5W/m-k-50℃~250℃ Pros:Suitable for higher fins and higher aspect ratio with larger cooling area,Asuitable for forced convection and natural convection Alower cost¡Acan work together with heat pipes to enhance thermal performance;Cons:The bonding material has a lower thermal conductivity

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