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How to make sure you select the optimal cooling solution?

It is a complicated task to select the optimal cooling solution for a product. It requires coordinating several factors and good professional knowledge on thermal management. The best approach to obtain the cooling solution with the optimal cooling effect is to investigate and plan for the thermal management issues from the beginning of the thermal design cycle. However, the product design department of a typical company doesn't have enough thermal management capabilities. It is not easy to build a qualified thermal management team since it requires the accumulation of technology and time which greatly increases the product costs. Therefore, a good alternative is to seek for the cooperation with an outstanding thermal management company.
With several years of accumulation of technologies and design talents, Winshare Thermal's design and R&D team has evolved into an excellent thermal management team with more than a dozen of professional thermal management engineers. For the early stage of product designs, we can provide our clients with consummate cooling solutions. Meanwhile, Winshare thermal's thermal engineers are also able to participate into the product designs so as to supply our best support to the reliable cooling of products.

1. Thermal design

(1) We have an outstanding thermal design team with design talents who worked for top three thermal companies worldwide. Each of our team members has abundant experience working with top 500 customers worldwide.
(2) We have a well-established database for simulation analysis and the big data that we accumulated for thermal performance can be used to fine tune any design so as to avoid any deviation between the simulation result and real performance.
(3) We can provide supports including thermal simulation, mechanical performance analysis (i.e., structural mechanics, stress, fatigue, shock), rotational fluid, multiphase flow, instantaneous-state and steady-state analyses.
(4) We are capable of carrying out customized designs and realizing thermal designs within extremely small/extremely large/specific spaces and specific operating environment.
Software packages that are often used by Winshare Thermal's thermal management engineers
Design software: CAD  Creo  SolidWorks
Electronics cooling software:Flotherm  Icepak  EFDesign
Liquid cooling software:Ansys
Analytical software:Qfin
Structural mechanics software:Ansys

Thermal management

Winshare Thermal provides air-cooled and liquid-cooled thermal management solutions for heat sources including BGAs, CPUs, LEDs, IGBTs, power amplifier modules, power batteries, and electric motors.We offer products in the form of modules, modular thermal structure, machine-level cooling system, cabinet-style multi-modules, multi-module concentrated cooling systems, container multi-cabinet large cooling systems, etc.

Integrated solutions for thermal management systems:

Natural cooling integrated solutions:Aluminum extruded heat sinks or skived fin heat sinks
Forced air cooling integrated solutions:Heat sinks + structural components + cooling fans
Liquid cooling integrated solutions: Liquid cold plates/water cooling cold plates + quick release couplers + connecting pipework + sensors for collecting big data + thermal interface materials

Research and development + Production + Technology research institute in colleges

Our research and development center works together with well-known colleges (School of Automotive Engineering, South China University of Technology) and technology research institutes (Chinese Academy of Sciences) in China on the research of specific projects. We also have been carried out experimental verifications on the research projects by utilizing our own production advantage and the final results of the technology research have been realized in large batch productions.

Thermal management science workstation for graduate students was established with South China University of Technology in 2016
City-level laboratory under construction in 2016 so as to support the experimental verification of our research and development efforts and relevant experimental testing data
The laboratory will be upgraded to a province-level laboratory in 2017 so as to build a comprehensive fundamental platform for thermal experiments
A postdoctoral research station to be established in 2018


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